Summer salad with meat patties

One of the best things with summer is the possibility of eating outside. On top of that it is also very interesting how one changes the types of food that one wants to eat when it is warm and sunny. Even though we enjoy salads all year round it is something special having it a hot summer day. Not to mention when it is possible to pick the salad fresh from the kitchen garden.

A plate of summer salad. Enjoyed outside.

To the salad we made some meat patties and had some of the leftover broccoli and cauliflower from our dinner the day before. The salad consisted of some lettuce, grated carrots, some fresh herbs including lemon balm and hyssop, two slices of water melon and topped with half a zucchini flower. Lately we have started to do something that one maybe would call herb salads rather than a regular salad. We use almost as much herbs as we use regular lettuce and the change is complete. Rather than having to chew for ever to eat the lettuce without any particular taste, except nice olive oil and balsamic vinegar, one gets all these complex and interesting tastes from the herbs instead. This is however not something that we would do unless we had access to fresh herbs in the kitchen garden, since it would be both expensive and tedious to get the herbs fresh from the store.

Lunch is served. Some ice cool water to enjoy with the meal and to quench the thirst from the warm weather.

To the salad we also had some walnuts, feta cheese and for the patties and vegetables we made some herb butter. The result was a really terrific plate which was both filling and refreshing in the summer heat.

What is your favourite summer meal?

Cecilia & Magnus


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