Walking the cats

As mentioned in a previous post, we try to play with and activate the cats as much as possible, but being in the city it is not very nice to bring them outside, unfortunately. We do manage that as well at times, at least with Neo since Olivia is completely terrified from all the new impressions and sounds. But being out of the city we took the opportunity to bring both Neo and Olivia out for a walk.

Neo is scanning the surrounding for interesting birds, insects and plants. So many exciting things to explore.

We heard that there was a snake lurking in-between the stones in the stone wall surrounding the yard, so we kept the cats on leashes. Otherwise we would possibly have let them roam free for a while, but we would of course stay close, since we have no idea what they might do or where they would go, being inside cats and all.

Wow! What is that? That looks like fun!

Both of them seemed to enjoy the time outside a lot. Olivia was the more active of the two walking around to explore all the new places she hadn’t been before, even running at times. Neo did also do some exploring and running, but mostly he lay on the grass contempt with his life. Rather than digging in the dirt we find him rooting with his nose and teeth in the ground trying to get hold of some of the grass. It seems like he has some idea that dirt would be really healthy for him, but after allowing him to eat that last time we were out, we have learnt that unless we want to spend the whole evening cleaning up the house, it is not a such a good idea to let him. But it is quite enjoyable watching him tearing up grass with his mouth.

Olivia didn’t particularly enjoy being places on a table, but she was happy with the excursion.

It is really nice to see them walk around outside enjoying the sun, the grass and the fresh air. We would really like to do it more often.

Happy cats!

Cecilia & Magnus


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