Raspberry nice-cream!

During warm summer afternoons one of the best snacks you can have is nice-cream! It’s so simple and delicious, especially when you use berries that you’ve picked yourself.

Nice-cream, healthy and tasty.

Nice-cream of avocado and raspberry


  • 250 grams frozen raspberries
  • 1 avocado
  • Pinch of vanilla powder
The three ingredients for nice-cream.

How to:

Make sure the avocado is ripe enough, otherwise it will taste too much avocado. Then simply mix the avocado and berries together with some vanilla powder in a mixer with “S-blade”. Serve directly, preferably in cold bowls if it’s warm outside.

Delicious and re-freshing.

You can of course use any fruit or berries of your choice, just make sure it’s not too large pieces since it will be difficult for the mixer to handle them frozen.

Good afternoon snack.

Served topped with cashew nuts and cherries, freshly picked from the garden, and a cup of coffee with coconut oil.

Happy summer snack,

Cecilia & Magnus


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