A lot of kombucha

Since we started brewing our own kombucha we have bottled about 7 liters every tenth day. That is far more than we drink by ourselves in that time and that starts to show in the kitchen cabinets. We have  a lot of stored kombucha bottles…

Some of the kombucha that we have accumulated over the weeks.
We will have to rethink the quantity that we brew some time soon unless we want to start drinking almost a liter a day, which is effectively what we brew for. It wouldn’t be too healthy drinking that much… Especially not for the teeth.

All the bottles of our wonderful kombucha.
This batch we only did one of the noggins, so not too much this coming week. We also have a large event planned that we hope will help us decimate the kombucha stock, so it is not completely unplanned that we have as many bottles as we do…

After all the glass bottles, wine bottles and tonic bottles have been filled we have had to go on to jars…
Happy brewing,

Cecilia & Magnus


2 thoughts on “A lot of kombucha

  1. Alltså, att ta hand om den där högen lär ju vara jobbigare än att ta hand om katterna… gå och lätta på alla lock/korkar hela tiden x)


    1. Vinflaskorna är ju väldigt hållbara, plus att korken inte blir helt tät så de behöver inte luftas. Inte heller de små med plastkapsyl. Så det är inte så farligt. 🙂 Tror dessutom vi tagit bort gummiringen på knäppkorkarna så att de inte heller är helt täta.


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