Fresh berries and tea

Some summer nights can be a bit chilly, which gives the possibility to enjoy a nice cup of tea.

Warming cup of tea after a mild summer day.


To add extra to the cosy feeling we ate some blueberries and cherries picked from the garden.

Freshly picked American blueberries and cherries from the garden.

We want to make a correction to a previous post where we mentioned that American blueberries doesn’t taste much. These homegrown are actually quite tasteful! Maybe it is just that the ones that we are able to get at the store have been transported all across the world and stored for a couple of weeks. It kind of makes sense that the ones picked less than five minutes ago taste more. They also keep more of the healthy trace elements. Yum!

Cosy summer evening snack.

Long for having our own large garden with all the goodness of the nature!

Happy berry picking!

Cecilia & Magnus


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