Loin of pork with ratatouille and broccoli

Last week, when picking up groceries at FRAM, we found some really nice zucchinis that we just couldn’t leave without. One of Magnus’ old time favourites from years back is the ratatoui, French tomato sauce made of tomatoes (no surprises so far…), onion, bell pepper and zucchini. It goes very well with all kinds of meats. So all that nice and fresh zucchini brought back some inspiration. We did a slight variation of the classic recipe for the ratatouille.

Dinner with loin of pork, broccoli, cabbage, some green salad and the ratatouille. Topped with some fresh parsley.

Ingredients for the ratatouille

Just as usual we didn’t have any bell peppers at home, but the key components of the ratatouille is, as far as we feel, the tomatoes and the zucchini. What we used was

  • Canned crushed tomatoes, 390g
  • Zuccini, 250g
  • Half a onion
  • One clove of garlic
  • A few thin slices of fresh ginger
  • Chiliflakes, salt and pepper to taste

Start by chopping the onion and zucchini in reasonably small pieces. They should be large enough to create some texture to the sauce, but not too large as to be difficult to eat by themselves. Add them together with some butter and the crushed tomatoes in a sauce pan and bring up to boiling. Add the seasoning, the garlic and the ginger. Let it boil whilst preparing the rest of the meal.

The ingredients for the ratatouille.

For dinner we made loin of pork in the oven together with broccoli and white cabbage spaghetti.

Loin of pork. Seasoned and ready for the oven.

Once again to minimize the number of cooking steps the loin of pork and the broccoli went into the oven at the same time at 170 °C for about 40 minutes. That made the pork juicy and left the broccoli al dente.

Broccoli and white cabbage salad.

The white cabbage was sliced in thin slices and placed in the steamer and left on the stove to cook for 30 minutes timing the ingredients together nicely.

The loin of pork ready straight out from the oven.

Dinner is served

The last step was bringing it all together and finally topping it all of with the ratatouille and a few branches of fresh parsley.

Enjoy the dinner with a cold glass of kombucha.

Make sure to try the ratatouille out! It is a really simple and yet really tasty addition to almost any food and with an abundance of zucchini that the end of the summer brings, what better way of using it than that?

Cecilia & Magnus


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