Hangi and grilled pork belly slices

Since we have got the hang of how to make the hangi by now we thought we would make it for the fun of it and enjoy a nice dinner in the process. This time we had some kohlrabi, beetroots, hokkaido pumpkin and white cabbage.

The vegetables in the wire baskets.

Placing the vegetables in the pit well in time before dinner. We left them in the hangi for almost five hours this time.

The vegetables placed in the hangi together with the warm rocks.

We left the thermometer in the kohlrabi this time, just to keep track of how the heat transfered into the vegetables and when the heat started to decrease, which it started to after three and a half hours.

Slices of pork belly on the grill. Seasoned with some fresh branches of thyme.

Together with the hangi vegetables we grilled some slices of pork belly and made a really nice summer salad with lots of herbs and flowers.

The final dinner plate.

One of our new favourites for salads from the herb garden is the hyssop. It is a really nice contrast to the otherwise quite plain and boring green salad. Now they also have these wonderful small blue flowers on top the the branches that makes the decoration of the salad so much easier.

Serve with a cold glass of water and a click of butter.

Enjoy dinner!

Cecilia & Magnus


2 thoughts on “Hangi and grilled pork belly slices

    1. Thanks! Yes, have been exploring the possibilities of the hangi and find it to be a wonderful way of cooking, especially if you are cooking for many people. Otherwise it might be a bit too much effort 😉.
      Thank you! We are really happy you like it! 😊

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