Garden carrots and roast beef

A post about one of the few lunches we have been able to eat outside this summer. Other days it has just been too cold or too windy.

Summer lunch!

We found some grass-fed roast beef on short date in the supermarket that we decided would be perfect at the grill.

Carrots from the kitchen garden.

And look what we found in the kitchen garden! Really crisp and fresh carrots. We did remove most of the dirt but made sure some of it was left to get some nice bacteria and dirt from eating them. If you know where the veggies are from that should be a good idea. A easy way of improving your gut health.

Grass-fed roast beef.

The good looking roast beef was seasoned with sea salt, pepper and fresh thyme.

Broccoli ready for the oven.

Apart from the carrots, green salad and some grilled small tomatoes some broccoli was roasted in the oven with coconut oil and fresh rosemary and thyme. Note that the coconut oil is not liquid since we seldom have temperatures above 23°C. Yet another proof of the meager summer we have had here in Sweden this year…

Lunch is served.

A pretty good summer lunch that kept us going the rest of the day, topped with some grated lemon zest to add some extra acidity. Some butter and olive oil was added as well to make sure we got a sufficient amount of fat to last the day.

Happy lunch,

Cecilia & Magnus


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