Meatloaf and cauliflower purée

A few days ago we made a simple dinner of meatloaf and cauliflower purée. Also served with some simple tomato salsa.

Easy made dinner.

The purée was made of one cauliflower head cooked in some homemade bone broth. Salt and pepper were added and when soft enough it was all mixed to a purée.

Simple meatloaf

  • Minced meat
  • Brown onion
  • Fresh rosemary
  • Egg

Chop the onion and mix all ingredients together. Use any kind of ovenware and form the mixture into a loaf.

Ingredients in the meatloaf.

We added the hauls from the cauliflower along the edges of the ovenware as well.

Before the oven.
After the oven.

Tasty dinner!

Cecilia & Magnus


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