Cooking with beetroot haulm

It’s so much fun going grocery shopping now when there are so much fresh and local produce available. This time we found some really nice beetroots of different colors (red, orange and white!) and with the haulm left. The haulm is said to have more nutrients than the beets themselves so it would be sad not to use it.


White beets with haulm.


To make it as simple as possible, it was just chopped and placed in a large frying pan with coconut oil and a splash of water, plus salt and pepper.

The haulm in the large frying pan.

The haulm from beetroots are not more bitter than regular spinach, so it is really fine to eat. We have tried the haulm from carrots once though, which is not edible in our point of view. Way too bitter!

Served with some leftover meat loaf and tomato salsa.

It was served with some tomato salsa and leftover meatloaf. We also tried our new raw coconut vinegar to add some freshness to the dish, a soft and nice vinegar!

Are you good at using all parts of the food you’re buying?

Cecilia & Magnus


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