Roquefort burgers in cabbage wraps

After doing our dessert of melon and Roquefort we had more than half the package of cheese left and some really tasty minced meat in the fridge, so we thought we would make hamburgers.

Beef hamburgers with Roquefort in the cast iron pan.

Since starting with Paleo we have had hamburgers only a few times and then in lettuce leaves. Last week at FRAM we picked up some special type of white cabbage, slightly flatter and perfect for making wraps, so rather than using lettuce this time we used that instead. They are actually really tasty, crisp and adds some extra flavour, compared to lettuce…

The vegetables for the hamburger and the Roquefort of course.

Together with the Roquefort we choose to use tomatoes, red onion and cucumber to combine with the hamburger.

The sliced veggies.

The next step was making the burgers. We prefer using the meat alone when making patties, meat balls or burgers. Primarily because they stick together really well whereas when you start mixing it up with other stuff that might not be the case. Secondly, it is just so easy to pick up the minced meat and form the burgers. And thirdly, it allows you to taste the meat itself rather than something else.

Everything is ready, just need to fry the burgers.

We used our cast iron pan for frying the burgers on low temperature and finished by adding the Roquefort on the top.

Frying the burgers in the cast iron pan. Topping with the Roquefort.

Then placing all ingredients in the cabbage leaves and voila! a burger! Look at those amazing cabbage leaves, aren’t they just perfect?

The final burgers

We were really happy with the results! Burgers with blue cheese is just a marvelous combination! And using grass-fed organic meat you can really enjoy the taste from the meat itself as well. No need for any artificial sauces.

The four dinner burgers ready to be eaten.

As a side we steamed some carrots as well. Not the most inspired side maybe, but tasty none the less. A great combination would have been making oven roasted turnip sticks or sweet potato. However, we were unable to find any at FRAM this week.

Served with some steamed carrots.

Served with a glass of cold home brewed kombucha and we were all set for a nice dinner.

How do you make your burgers? What are your favourite stuffing?

/Cecilia & Magnus


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