Walk and fika at Gunnebo

Today we went for a nice long walk to the castle at Gunnebo. Once we got there we had a really nice fika, that is the Swedish word for having a piece of cake and cup of coffee. The café at Gunnebo makes superb food. All organic and many of the herbs and vegetables are even from their own garden.

Cake and coffee.

Last time we were there we ate a terrific lunch. This time however we ate before leaving home and also found that they had flour and milk free cakes, so we just had to try those. One chocolate muffin and a fruit and seed bar.

Having fika at the yard outside.

Of course we bought ourselves a cup of coffee each as well. The coffee is also organic and roasted at a roastery really close to Gunnebo, so in a sense it is locally produced…

Wonderful cake decorations.

With cake and coffee in hand we went outside to their yard and enjoyed the fresh air. It actually started to drizzle while we sat there, but fortunately they had large umbrellas that we could retreat to.

First bites of the cakes.

After finishing the fika we took a stroll in the kitchen garden right beside the café. They have a beautiful variety of flowers, herbs and plants. We even found the flowers they decorated our cakes with.

Some herbs right beside our chairs in the café yard.

They had also placed some plants and herbs in the yard where we ate.

Ending our stroll in the kitchen garden we started back for home.

Our walk. 16 km over three hours.

Once home we had walked a total of 16 kilometers during three hours. The walk in the woods around Gunnebo is really nice, unfortunately it is quite a noisy walk to get out of town, which is also the majority of the distance, as you can see… It sure raises some thoughts about where we live.

Happy walking,

Cecilia & Magnus


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