Slow cooked wine chuck steak

It’s been a lot of slow cooking lately and here is another one. Chuck steak with ginger, garlic, onion and pepper in red wine and coconut milk. Since we had leftovers in the fridge we actually did not wait for the steak to get ready for dinner, but we had it for lunch today instead.

Lunch with chuck steak and steamed vegetables.

First we put the chuck steak in the Schlemmertopf and seasoned with garlic, onion, ginger and pepper. Before putting it in the oven at 140 °C we poured two deciliters of coconut milk and about as much red wine on top of the steak.

The seasoned chuck steak.

After three hours in the oven we took it out. It could easily have been left for another few hours, but even though we plan ahead we don’t have unlimited time…

The steak straight out from the oven.

For the lunch today we complemented the steak with steaming some carrots and white beets. Together with the steak and vegetables we had a small green salad.

Simple lunch with the premade chuck steak.

Happy slow cooking,

Cecilia & Magnus


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