Brunch, sheeps yoghurt with melon and seed crackers

This Saturday we had a short, but interesting, trip planned over the lunch hours, so we had brunch again.

Light and fresh, but filling brunch.

Cecilia picked up some sheep’s yoghurt at the supermarket this week and we have really enjoyed them. Not the least in the ice cream we made earlier this week. For the brunch we sliced some melon and put that together with blueberries and desiccated coconut on top of the sheep yoghurt.

Nice plate of sheep yoghurt with a lot of goodies.

We of course also made ourselves a cup of coffee in the french press, as is our usual weekend morning routine. While waiting for the coffee water to come to a boil we fried an egg each and enjoyed that together with some seed crackers and butter.

A large meal to start our day for change.

It has actually worked quite well for us to have breakfast/brunch for the past few days. Before, we have felt a loss of energy when breaking the fast that early, but for some reason that has not been the case these brunch days.

One other thing that we realised was how much we have missed yoghurt. Before starting with paleo, Magnus had yoghurt every single morning. None of us has thought about that we have missed it before, but it was really nice to have it again for the first time in a long while. That said, we won’t go back to eating yoghurt every single day again. Not only for the boringness of repetition, but we are also not very keen on going back to having breakfast every single day.

Happy brunching,

Cecilia & Magnus


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