Melon, raspberry and goat cheese dessert

We very rarely eat dessert, especially anything more complex than nuts and chocolate… However, last week we did a really simple and super tasty dessert of melon, raspberries and goat cheese.

Simple dessert. Perfect for as a fresh finish of a summer day.

The melon we simply chopped into small cubes and then we mixed those cubes together with frozen raspberries and slices of goat cheese. As simple as that! The sweetness from the melon, the sourness from the raspberries and the fattiness from the cheese however made this really simple dessert super tasty.

A nice mix of flavours.

All in all it does not have to be something fancy to make a nice dessert or dish in general for that matter. It is interesting how three simple and natural flavours together can be so much more interesting than the three ingredients on their own.

/Cecilia & Magnus


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