Meat loaf with onion and garlic

Minced meat is something that we have not had too much of lately, but it is really a wonderful way of eating meat. So many possibilities. Meat loaf for example.

Meat loaf and Hokkaido pumpkin straight out of the oven.

The other day we made a really simple meat loaf. 800 grams of beet minced meat mixed with two chopped onions and one clove of garlic and seasoned with some black pepper.

The meat loaf ingredients.

The ingredients were mixed and the mixture was formed into a meat loaf and placed on a bed of cabbage.

The meat loaf on a bed of cabbage.

On top of the meat loaf we placed some sliced onion and seasoned again with some more black pepper and a branch of fresh rosemary.

Topped with onion slices.

To go with the meat loaf and cabbage we made a batch of hokkaido pumpkin. We only have one oven, but when cooking things on low temperatures for longer than an hour it is usually not a problem mixing things that we would otherwise have cooked at completely different temperatures.

Ovenware filled with pumpkin.

The pumpkin we seasoned with pepper and rosemary.

Hokkaido pumpkin seasoned with rosemary and black pepper.

The meat loaf we placed in the middle of the oven, whereas the pumpkin got to sit at the bottom. Not ideal, but we have to get another grid before we can do any better.

Finally done!

Both the meat loaf and the pumpkin were left in the oven for about 1 hour and 20 minutes at 140 °C, which rendered the meat loaf just slightly too dry. That might possibly have been from having it rest on top of the cabbage rather than the other way around. Some room for improvement in any case…

Ready for dinner.

It was very tasty in any way and it served to remind us of all the nice and tasty things one can do with minced meat. Don’t forget to add some butter or some other fat of your choosing when serving.

Happy dinner,

Cecilia & Magnus


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