Ketoacidosis and T1D – Part 2

Read the first part of this story here. In this post, I’ll try to go through the treatment I obtained at the hospital. I don’t remember everything but have tried to sort it out with help of my medical record.

Treating ketoacidosis

Day 1

After spending a short time in the emergency ward I was rolled in my bed to the cardiology department since they still were worried about my heart and sinus tachycardia (130 bpm). I don’t remember exactly what they did there but they started a treatment scheme for ketoacidosis, which means insulin and potassium drip. My pH was 6.95. It should be between 7.35 – 7.45.

I took a visit to the operation department as well to get a thing inserted in my jugular vein where they could insert the drip directly and also take all the blood tests through, since I strongly dislike when they use needles on me. Afterwards, I was sent to the medical department instead where they monitored me very carefully. There was a nurse in the room 24/7.

They don’t want to lower the blood glucose too quickly and after some tests during the afternoon they put me on glucose drip as well since I was not allowed to eat anything. My potassium levels continued to drop, unfortunately. They tested my blood gases every two hours or so.

Day 2

During the night they continued to test my blood gases and I needed to visit the WC every hour due to all the drip they had me on. During the night, they took a blood test in my carpus artery, which was not a pleasant experience. They repeated that test in the morning as well… My values at this point was pH: 7.35. Blood glucose: 13.7 mmol/L. Potassium: 3.1.

This day I was allowed to have breakfast and therefore they could also remove the glucose drip and stick to only sodium chloride and potassium plus magnesium, which makes more sense than the glucose. This is also where I started to get my insulin from injections.

However, I was still on large amounts of drip and constant blood tests trying to sleep in between. The glucose levels dropped as wanted but they struggled to get my potassium up, which dropped to 2.8 during the evening. They then decided to put me back on the drip that they removed during the afternoon.

Day 3

This afternoon all my drip was removed and I was moved to another room with less monitoring. At this point, I still struggled with the potassium levels but took pills instead of drip. The glucose levels was still way too high but regulated with insulin injections. This was the first day I was able to stand up and walk a few steps.

Day 4

Monday, the last day at the hospital! This day was about meeting with a diabetic nurse to get all gadgets I need to take care of my diabetes. After doing some final blood tests that turned out okay, I was allowed to go back home in the evening. Such a relief to get out of the hospital.

Not back on track exactly, unfortunately still bed lying for a few days… But that will be another blog post.

Vacation at Kap Verde earlier this spring.



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