First blood test results

As a part of my care for the diabetes I do take blood tests. I don’t know how often I will do them, but here are the results for the first test run.

Cholesterol levels (mmol/L)

Total: 4,1. LDL: 2,2. HDL: 1,3. Triglycerides: 1,9.

Nothing but good. Or excellent!

Kidney function (µmol/L)

Creatinine: 52

Traces of egg white in the urine, which indicates bad function of the kidneys. But this is most likely because of how sick I was just before this test was done.

Glucose levels during 6-8 weeks (mmol/mol)

HbA1c: 68.

Way too high of course, a value below 31 is desirable. But since I don’t know for how long I was going with untreated diabetes it’s not surprisingly.




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