Oven roasted celery root, cauliflower and carrots

Autumn is approaching and with it are all the wonders of harvest. One of our favourite vegetables that have been out of season for a while now is celery root, but last week we managed to get one at FRAM during our grocery shopping.

Celery root, cauliflower and carrots.

During our year in Dublin we enjoyed their extended harvesting time, which stretches on maybe an additional month compared to Sweden. Primarily due to the sun setting much earlier this far north. Anyhow, in addition to celery root, which we really bought in bulk there we enjoyed turnip and swedes (don’t ask for the difference, because none knows…), but they were enormous, like 2-3 kg each. Perfect to fill out the bulk of the week’s food. We don’t have those here unfortunately and we also have way too far to FRAM to make it worthwhile to transport such huge vegetables, but we do look forward to the swedes making their comeback for this season. Not to mention the red kuri squash and butternut squash. Yum! We will get back to you with our favourite recipes on those, including a amazing dessert.

Cauliflower, carrots and celery root. With the pepper mill in the background.

The vegetables we chopped in reasonably large pieces, sprinkled with coconut oil  and seasoned with pepper and salt.

The seasoned vegetables.

Together with the vegetables we had minced beef meat patties and a small green salad.

Meat patties, veggies and salad.

Please let us know what your favourite veggies are!

/Cecilia & Magnus


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