Meeting w. diabetes nurse

Yesterday I had a meeting with my diabetes nurse at the hospital. Mostly to talk and see how everything is working out for me.

He is very impressed with my sugar levels, of course. Unfortunately, I don’t think many of his patients follows a low-carb diet. Before going there, I was afraid he would lecture me about being more careful with my insulin doses, since I now several times have dropped too low in sugar. At the lowest 2.8 mmol/l. That was not a pleasant experience and I took 3 grams dextrose, which raised me to 10.9. Not good! Anyways, my nurse didn’t react to that. He is supporting me in my experiments, which feels very good.

Another thing we discussed was that I’m very sad over the fact that my blood glucose is increasing during the afternoon regardless of if I’m eating anything or not. Therefore, I will now try to take my basal insulin twice a day instead of one. It’s supposed to reach over 24 hours, but it rarely does.

I have to say everything works extremely well under the circumstances, even though I get very frustrated from time to time when I don’t get the insulin dose perfect. But I have to accept that, especially now in the beginning. I have some nice graphs with glucose levels and insulin doses that I will show in another post.

HbA1c is now 60 mmol/mol instead of 68 mmol/mol that the first test showed. Still a long way to go to reach my goal of 31 mmol/mol. But if I continue to keep the sugar levels I have at the moment I will soon be there.

The next step now for me is to start exercising as I did before. At the moment I have only dared to do yoga, but it’s time to do some strength training as well as some interval training again. I’ll let you know how it works.



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