Pork belly with brussel sprouts

Time again for pork belly. It is something that we have really missed the past weeks. And on top of that an other veggie favourite, in addition to the celery root, namely brussel sprouts!

The pork belly with a sliced grid and seasoned.

This pork belly we did not had the butcher make slices in the skin for some reason, so we had to take care of that ourselves. It is way more difficult than the butcher makes it look with his special knife, but not terribly difficult with a regular knife given that it is sharp…

The pork belly before cutting the grid in the skin.

After slicing the top of the pork belly we seasoned with cayenne pepper, ginger powder and some black pepper. It all went into the oven at 175 °C for almost three hours.

The final pork belly. Yum!

To the pork belly we had oven roasted carrots and celery root and brussel sprouts of course. The trick here was to manage the cooking time for the different pieces such that they could be finished at the same time without any part being cold because it had to be kept out of the oven.

The final plating. Missing a click of butter, but otherwise complete.

We did this through three steps:

  1. Letting the pork belly cook as long as possible.
  2. Putting the vegetables (excl. brussel sprouts) in the oven about 50 minutes before dinner time and increasing the temperature of the oven to about 210 °C. We also put a thin sheet of aluminium foil on top of the pork belly to avoid it getting burnt.
  3. 20-25 minutes before serving we put in the brussel sprouts at the same temperature.

That ended in a well timed dinner.

We would really like to have an other oven, like we had at the place we stayed in in Dublin, but at the same time it is key to have at least one large oven. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to use our Schlemmertopf which would really be a shame. But two ovens are definitely on our wishlist.

Enjoying the season’s first brussel sprouts.

We do manage quite well with one oven as well and frankly it is kind of a sport to cook several things simultaneously. However, it is difficult when two pieces of food should be prepared at different temperatures.

Anyhow, we really enjoyed the season’s first brussel sprouts as well as the well prepared pork belly.

Happy cooking,

Cecilia & Magnus


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