Street market in Gothenburg

Last Friday we took a walk into the city to visit a local street market. A market that focuses on small-scale, organic urban food and farming. Something to check out! You never know what culinary delicasies you might find.


It was a lot of people in a small space, but we found these lovely eggs in one of the stands. Brown eggs are the prettiest. Perfect for my breakfast omelett that I’m eating know since I haven’t tried out intermittent fasting after my diabetes diagnosis.


Apart from the eggs we found soured small cucumbers, delicious! And really nice for the gut bacterias. The small jar contains elder tree seeds. Something we have never heard of or tried before, but they are supposed to be used in the same way as capers. Time for some beef tartar soon I guess.


Three sausages made of wild boar meat was well spent money as well! Seasoned with green pepper and garlic. When we asked what was in the sausage the answer was just wild boar, pork fat and seasoning. The added dextrose apparently wasn’t worth mentioning.

Anyways, wild boar meat is a favorite that we are having trouble finding here in Gothenburg. When I was living in the south of Sweden a couple of years ago it was possible to buy it at the supermarket just like any regular meat.

Happy small-scale shopping,

Cecilia & Magnus


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