DT1 progress – September

It’s now October and I have been treating my diabetes type 1 for almost a month. Time to show some numbers! From the start, it has been very important to me to measure and keep track of how I’m doing with my insulin and blood sugar levels. If not doing so, it would be very difficult to have sugar levels as a person with a well functioning pancreas. Since my pancreas is quite useless I need use my brain instead, which is very frustrating and exhausting at times. I’m not able to go even for an hour without thinking of how to handle and compensate for what my body does and for what my pancreas doesn’t.

Lets have a look.


This graph basically shows the mean value of my blood sugar measured before every meal (seen as the blue curve). That sugar level should mainly be regulated by my basal insulin. The doctor put me on 10 ie before going to bed. After two days, I realized that was not nearly enough. Increasing that gave good results and after 10 days I started to reach more healthy levels. But is I mentioned after meeting with my nurse, I still wasn’t happy. So since then I’m taking 3 ie every morning as well. However, I wouldn’t mind reaching that 4 mmol/L. Maybe it isn’t possible, but I’m going to try to find out! Tomorrow, I will do a 24h fast to see if I need even more basal insulin or if the level I’m at now is sufficient.


Here are my average sugar levels two hours after eating (blue curve) and my mealtime insulin (orange curve). This helps me to see how good I am at guessing… This will be improved now as I will attempt some carb counting and try to find out how much insulin my body requires for each gram of carbohydrates. It might not give any results, due to estimations and so many other factors being involved. But I believe it’s worth a try!


Breakfast should be the easiest meal to handle since I’m having the same thing every morning. But no. Then the grey curve would be close to flat… The high cortisol levels in the morning complicates everything. You can see that the sugar (blue curve) is higher in the morning compared to lunchtime and in the evening. It’s a well known phenomenon.


Not much to say about lunchtime. Trial and error.


Dinner time is probably the most difficult to handle, I’m more sensitive to insulin during the afternoon and evening. As you can see, that have caused me to go to low several times, when the grey curve goes below 4. What’s interesting though is that the first times it happened I felt awfully shaky but now it’s possible to stay at 3.5 without evening feeling it. I don’t bother to correct it either unless I’m up for something physical. Apparently, the body get used to function well on lower sugar levels.

I can do anything, except make insulin.



3 thoughts on “DT1 progress – September

  1. Have you heard of the Type 1 Grit (typeonegrit) group? It’s a low carb / Paleo-ish approach to type one.

    You can find them on Facebook and Pinterest. There are some videos on the Low Carb Down Under site. You can find an interview with RD Dikeman, who started the typeonegrit group on Ivor Cummins website and a longer presentation on the dietdoctor.com site.

    I think you will feel that you have found your tribe 😉


    1. I haven’t heard of that group, but I’m active in another Swedish similar group on facebook. Very helpful to be able to talk to people with the same experiences. But I’ll check type 1 grit out as well!


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