24 hours fasting, w. diabetes

Here comes another post with numbers and reflection regarding my diabetes type 1, with some reflections regarding our 24 hours fasting during Monday to Tuesday this week.

The purpose, apart from the good benefits of fasting, was to see if my basal insulin dose is correctly calibrated but also because Mondays afternoon are quite stressful for us. To be able to skip that dinner simplifies the day a whole lot. Otherwise I would need to eat my dinner on the bus and that makes it complicated with handling insulin and it requires a lot of planning to fix food to have on the go.

So how did it go? Short answer: Okay!

Longer answer: No energy dip or extreme hunger, most difficult was dinner time at Monday but the night and Tuesday morning was just nice. I like the concept to start and end at lunch, it’s easier to skip a dinner and breakfast than a lunch.

Fasting with diabetes type 1


  • It is completely crucial to take your basal insulin as usual! But skip the bolus insulin unless your sugar or ketones rises too much, then a dose bolus might come in handy to stop it.
  • Drink a lot of water and take a lot of salt!
  • Keep track of your blood sugar and ketone levels, don’t ever let them go high! Then you’ll end up at the emergency room with ketoacidosis, like I did when finding out I was diabetic.

I failed at the middle point, which is probably the reason for my funny looking curves below. Drinking less than usual the whole day (I didn’t think about it) and then doing a quite intense workout without refueling any salt or water wasn’t the best. I believe that is the reason my ketones rised to high levels. The grey field indicates where you want your ketones to be. I started at 1.2 mmol/L, which fell out of the graph.

The curves show that my night didn’t start very well, a dip in my blood sugar level down to 2,9. But as the ketones dropped below 3 as well I wasn’t too worried and after being up for a while I suppose my liver sent out some sugar into my blood again since I did no other correction. After that, I slept well during the rest of the night.

During the morning both the blood sugar and ketones started to rise. At this point I wasn’t sure if I was going to break the fast or not. I asked some more experienced people for advice and as long as I didn’t feel any nausea or discomfort we agreed on that it should be fine to continue for a few more hours. High ketones are not dangerous as long as they’re not followed by high sugar levels or sickness.


I suppose we’ll continue with this next Monday, but then I will make sure to drink water and salt. Hopefully that will be less dramatic.

So well timed to be in the middle of a fast when the Nobel prize in medicine was declared, since it was awarded for the discovery of autophagy, which is shown to be a process improved by short term fasting!

Happy fasting,



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