Garden apple and coconut bowl

A while ago got to pick these wonderful deep red apples in a garden. They’re crisp and soft at the same time and not too sweet. One way to enjoy it is to do this apple and coconut bowl that I came up with!


The bowl is very simple to make! Chop the apple and gently melt the coconut butter if it’s in solid form like it usually is in our northern climate. Then simply ripple the coconut butter over the apple and top with some coconut flakes.


If you haven’t heard about coconut butter before, it’s like nut butter but with coconut instead of nuts. You could do it yourself but we prefer to buy it to save our mixer.


Even though fruit is quite sweet we like to enjoy locally produced food and apples are one thing that we have a lot of in Sweden this time of the year and picking them ourselves makes them more than okay to enjoy as well. With that philosophy it’s maybe a bit contradicting to eat them with coconut, but to get some extra of healthy fat is never a bad thing.

/Cecilia & Magnus


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