24 hour fasting again!

Like last week during Monday – Tuesday it was time to do a full 24 hour fast again! Last time, one of the mistakes I did was to not drink enough or taking enough salt. During this fast I made sure to not repeat that, which also payed of in more stable blood glucose and ketones.

In the graph below, I’ve plotted both this week’s and last week’s data. The upper green curves are the blood glucose where the upper one is last week and the lower one is from this week’s fast. The green area is where I would prefer to have my blood glucose and I surely reached that target better this time.


One important conclusion that I’ve been able to make from these two fasting periods is that my basal insulin dose seems to be slightly too high in the evening since I dropped down in blood sugar after midnight both nights. I will try to correct that by moving one of the units to the morning instead of the evening.

The ketones then, shown as the lower curves in the graph… As mentioned before, it doesn’t matter if they go a bit high as long as I don’t feel dizzy from it. But it doesn’t have any further positive effects to go above 3 mmol/L. The grey area shows where I want them to be. They didn’t go as high this time as last time but still rised during Tuesday morning. I don’t have any explanation to it, let’s see if it will continue doing that next week as well.

As a result of the more stable blood sugar and ketone level this time, I felt so much more energized during Monday evening compared to last Monday and it was no effort at all to skip the dinner. Tuesday morning went fine as well but being 1,5 hours later with lunch than usual and therefore also prolonging the fast to 25,5 hours was though mentally. It was also quite though physically as my sugar started to drop and was down at 2,6 before I had the possibility to eat.

Happy fasting,




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