Venison chuck steak stew in Wonderbag

We have the wonderful possibility of buying wild venison meat every now and then. This time Magnus’ parents bought a whole deer and were kind enough to share some of it. Fortunately we have just got our Wonderbag and what better way to follow up the bone broth cooking than making a venison chuck steak?

Venison chucks steak, bone broth and other goodies for the stew.

Just as with regular slow cooking the Wonderbag needs some planning to work out. This time we started with the stew just after lunch and had dinner about six hours later. On the shorter side of letting the meat get tender, but it turned out really nice in the end

First we fried the meat and the onion in the sauce pan with some butter. When the onions were caramelized we added the rest of the ingredients including the bone broth, bay leaves, juniper berries, garlic and some black pepper. Once the ingredients were all added we let it boil for about 30 minutes. Before removing it from the stove we added some white wine vinegar to add some acidity.

The stew ready for the Wonderbag.

Next we sealed the wonderbag and went off enjoying our afternoon.

To go with the stew we made a celeriac and carrot purée. Chop the veggies into reasonably small pieces and let cook in a sauce pan with some bone broth for 40-50 minutes until they turn soft.

Celeriac and carrots.

To finish the purée we mixed it with our blender to turn it into an even and smooth purée.

Uncovering the stew from the Wonderbag and then putting it all together for a wonderful and simple meal, enjoyed with a glass of red wine.

Venison stew with carrot and celeriac purée.

We will definitely get back to you with more recipes using the Wonderbag. So far, we are really impressed with the results it yields, but we have yet to try cooking something over the day on a regular week day. Hopefully we will let you know how that works out soon.

Happy slow cooking,

Cecilia & Magnus


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