Home grown white cabbage

Not only did Magnus’ parents bring apples picked from the garden and some nice venison cuts, but they also brought home grown white cabbage!

The cabbage after being roasted in the oven.

We have a vision that we will grow cabbage ourselves in the future, but we have also heard that it is quite difficult to get a good yield. It is really nice to see that it is possible to do it. Out of the cabbage heads that we got only one had managed to close, however. We figured it would not hurt to use the green leaves as well, so we basically groomed the one closed head and left that for later and used all the green leaves to roast in the oven.

Two fresh cabbage heads. Note the closed one in the back (!).

The chopped cabbage was topped with some butter and seasoned with pepper and salt and put in the oven at 200 °C for about 40 minutes.

White cabbage before and after chopping.

Together with the cabbage we made fried minced meat mixed with brown onion and served with some salad and feta cheese.

Cabbage ready for the oven.

The plate as a whole was okay, but the cabbage was actually a bit bitter. Not too surprising considering that we used the leaves. The closed part of the head was really tasty though!

Next time we will probably skip the leaves all together, or at least the outermost ones. There is a reason why they are sold as solid closed heads and not with all these beautiful green leaves on the side. Just like carrot haulm are best left off the plate, so it seems is the outer cabbage leaves. But it was well worth a try. It could have been as with the “leaves” on the cauliflower which are completely delicious.

Final meal, served with a small green salad, feta cheese and fried minced meat and brown onion.

Happy exploring,

Cecilia & Magnus


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