White turnip burgers w. Hokkaido pumpkin

This dinner we enjoyed oven roasted Hokkaido pumpkin with burgers in slices of white turnips. Something that we have not tried before but that turned our quite well actually.

The pumpkin straight out of the oven.

White turnips are something that we don’t find very often at FRAM nor is it something that we are used to having, but we do definitely enjoy the change and the taste of them don’t leave much more to ask for.

The beautiful veggies.

Combining the white turnips with minced meat resulted in the idea of making oven roasted burgers with sliced white turnip instead of bun. A slightly different way of using the two ingredients.

The “burgers” ready for the oven.

Since we (still…) only have one oven we had to select a suitable temperature such that both the burgers and the hokkaido were cooked nicely. In the end we went with a temperature of 170 °C where we put the pumpkin into the oven about five minutes after the burgers. In total they were left there for not quite 40 minutes.

The pumpkin ready for the oven.

We have really started to get tired of the pumpkin seeds, so we actually just remove them… In the beginning we kept them and tried to eat them as a side by themselves, but they are just not very tasty and they also tend to get stuck in between the teeth, so unfortunately they have been added to the small set of food stuff that we don’t eat from the groceries we buy, together with for example carrot haulm, if we ever would by carrots in bunches.

Removing the seeds opened up for other ways of plating.

Both the pumpkin and the burgers were seasoned with pepper and salt before entering the oven.

The final burgers.

Together with the pumpkin and the white turnip burgers we had a small green salad with some feta cheese. Simple, but really tasty. Don’t forget to add a click of butter!

Final dinner plate.

Enjoy dinner,

Cecilia & Magnus


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