DT1 progress – October

Time for a review of my second month with diabetes type 1. Read about the first month here. This month I have tried to get a better understanding of my blood sugar levels both with help of fasting and carb counting. The 24 hours fast can be read about here, even though the latest graph will be shown in this post.

Basal insulin and 24 hours fasting

Last month I had a significant decrease in my average blood glucose over the day, obviously because I started to treat myself with insulin. October started nicely with levels between 4-6 mmol/L on average before meal as can be seen in the graph below.


But really for the whole month, I’ve been struggling a lot with both high and low blood sugar. And now towards the end it have started to rise to unwanted levels. The reason I lowered my basal insulin dose is due to the results from the 24 hours fast since I get too low sugar levels when fasting, read the table below the graph to se the numbers more clearly. But skipping the fast on Monday last week instead resulted in a significant rise of the average blood glucose.


Bolus insulin

As I mentioned, new for this month was to do carb counting to find out how many units of insulin I need to handle each gram of carbs instead of just guessing. So my goal was to get a better and more stable result after taking my meal insulin. But no, that is not happening… My levels are too high after my meals. And this in combination with many lows as well, that aren’t really seen in this graph makes it so extremely difficult to get it right. I’m so frustrated over this. There will be an other post about the carb counting procedure since it would be too much information in one post otherwise.


For this last month, my everyday life have been the same as before my diagnosis, meaning more and intenser workouts, eating food cooked by other than myself and even spending some nights out with alcohol. That has gone very well, which I’m grateful for! Let’s now see for the next month if any new challenges comes up and if I’m able to get a more stable blood sugar.

At Tuesday I will meet my diabetes doctor for the first time and I’m going to beg really hard for a CGM (continues glucose meter) since it is impossible to keep stable levels with just a regular blood glucose meter using test strips. You would need to prick yourself in the finger like every 15 minutes to save the situation before it’s too late.




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