Lamb heart w. carrots and white cabbage

Time for some lamb heart again! Last time at the butcher’s Cecilia bought five of them. One we had that same week, two for the cats and two for the freezer, which we now defrosted and enjoyed.

Simple mix of heart, carrots, white cabbage and garlic.

Heart is a really nice piece of meat in and of itself. There is not much seasoning needed for it to still be interesting and enjoyable and the texture is also really appealing, compared to other organ meats… This time we made a really simple mix of cabbage, sliced carrots and garlic as a bed for the sliced heart to rest on.

Lamb hearts, cabbage and garlic.

The mix was seasoned with salt and pepper and put in the oven at just below 200 °C for roughly 40 minutes.

Seasoning the heart and veggies before the oven.

This was a really simple dish, but still really tasty.

The carrots got perfectly al dente and crispy together with the lamb hearts.

We had it with some feta cheese and butter and some olive oil.

Served with feta cheese.

Happy dinner,

Cecilia & Magnus


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