Friday boeuf tartare

The past few Fridays we have had boeuf tartare mainly for its simplicity, but also because it is just such a wonderful dish! This time we had it with fermented cucumber, cabbage and the rest of the elderflower capers that we also had last time we ate boeuf tartare.

Boeuf tartare with fermented vegetables and roasted brussel sprouts.

The real advantage with having something that doesn’t require cooking is that after a long work week one can simply put it on the table and enjoy. That said, we have had the habit of cooking something warm as a side, which somewhat defeats that purpose, but it is a huge difference only waiting for some brussel sprouts to finish in the oven compared to making meat patties or roasting a steak as well.

The sides, femented cucumber, dijon mustard, elderflower capers and chopped red onion.

After having tried both red and brown onion with the tartare we have decided that the red ones matches slightly better, so that is what we will go with most of the time in the future as well.

Some green leaves and a salad dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and garlic was a nice addition as well.

In addition to chopped red onion we had some fermented cucumber, dijon mustard, elderflower capers and a green salad with a garlic, balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing.

Perfect simple Friday night dinner.

This time I (Magnus) went by FRAM on the way home from work to buy the minced meat for the tartare and took the opportunity of buying some fresh brussel sprouts as well as some mushrooms, which were all oven roasted and served with the tartare.

At the moment we will probably keep up with the trend of having boeuf tartare on Fridays, at least until we have gotten bored with it. But, if people can have Tacos every Friday, why can’t we stick with boeuf tartare?

Happy paleo weekend!

Cecilia & Magnus


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