A wonderful collection of pumpkins

Last week at FRAM they had the most amazing variety of pumpkins for sale. Not only the favourites, butternut squash and hokkaido, but also some new ones.

A colourful collection of pumpkins.

Before we started eating paleo we hadn’t really tried eating pumpkins at all. So, along with a whole lot of other food pumpkin opened up a new scene of possibilities. We started trying the butternut squash and next was the hokkaido, but since we have tried both red kuri squash as well as spaghetti squash. They all have different character and it is interesting to try them out and get to know the possibilities they provide.

A greenish hokkaido variety in the front, surrounded with a butternut to the right and a hokkaido to the left. In the background a french delicacy pumpkin and some unknown elliptical pumpkin.

The pumpkins in the picture are (from left, front row) hokkaido, a greenish hokkaido, butternut squash (back row, from left) an unknown elliptical pumpkin and a french delicacy pumpkin.

The french one turned out to be close to the spaghetti squash with a more watery and really fresh taste.

The elliptical one was close to the hokkaido in terms of texture slightly less dense. Taste-wise it was a mixture of a spaghetti squash and a butternut squash.

What is your favourite pumpkin? Have your tried any new ones this harvest period?

Happy paleo!

Cecilia & Magnus


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