Ribs w. veggies

Sometimes it can be hard to decide exactly what to have for dinner and one solution can be to have a mix of different vegetables to make it more festive together with a piece of meat.

Dinner with ribs and vegetables.

For this dinner we made a raw salad with red cabbage.

Red cabbage in slices.

The cabbage is shaved in the mixer into thin pieces and turned together with salt, pepper, turmeric and ginger powder, coconut vinegar and olive oil. So many good nutrients and colors in there!

Red cabbage salad with ginger and turmeric.

Some brussels sprouts was found in the fridge as well and the best way to cook them must be to roast in the oven, right? Especially with some nice home-made lard on top.

Brussels sprouts with lard.

And to add some extra color and texture to the vegetable collection some red beets and winter squash was roasted in the oven together with the brussels sprouts. The squash was sliced in two halves, with the shell remaining, and put into the oven with the flesh side upwards. The shell on this variant is too hard to be able to eat, but it is very simple to release the inner flesh from it so there is no point to remove the shell before cooking it.

Winter squash and red beets.

The ribs was seasoned with dried oregano, chili powder, chili flakes and salt and pepper. So tasty! And using a chili of good quality makes all the difference in taste.

Ribs seasoned with oregano and chili.

The final plate was served with a click of butter on top of the warm veggies and a nice glass of red wine. It requires a bit of work to prepare all the vegetables, but help each other out with it. And the red cabbage salad can of course, and probably should, be made in advance!

Paleo dinner with a glass of red wine.

Happy dinner,

Cecilia & Magnus


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