Spinach soup!

A while ago we made this green spinach soup topped with a poached egg, feta cheese, pork crumble and chili flakes. Very tasty and warming in a dark autumn evening!

Spinach soup with poached egg.

It was simply made from chopped, frozen spinach with bone broth from this balsamic vinegar stew as a base. So convenient to already have loads of flavors in the stock and to have the spinach chopped and ready. Healthy cooking does not equal difficult or time consuming cooking!

Chopped spinach and bone broth.

But it can of course be made from clear bone broth as well. Just make sure to add some acidity in the soup then.

The pork crumbles is a result of rendering pork fat and they are really nice to use as a crunchy complement, for example in a soup. And don’t forget the chili flakes on top, it adds such a nice flavor to everything!

Spinach soup for dinner.

Happy soup,

Cecilia & Magnus


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