HbA1c: 35 mmol/mol!

How is my diabetes going? Pretty well, even though it is always a dreadful thing to live with. The last couple of weeks I’ve just been waiting for my Freestyle Libre, which is a continuous glucose meter, meaning that there is no need to prick the fingers all the time just to get a single value of how the blood sugar level is. And this week I finally got it!

Non-diabetic HbA1c!

And at the same time I met my diabetes nurse and measured the HbA1c to 35 mmol/mol! That is an awesome result according to any reasonable person. But according to the nurse it is of course way to low, because that is a value of a healthy person! He told me his value  is 34, so it is not really normal for me to have that low (they’re so afraid that means a lot of hypoglycemia events). But I just claimed my right to have healthy values just as anyone else and mentioned I don’t suffer from any severe hypoglycemia.

FreeStyle Libre

Nowadays I simple have a sensor stuck to the back of my arm reading my glucose levels continuously and saves a data point every minute. It simplifies the glucose control so much compared to get a single value a few times a day from pricking the finger and measuring only a few times a day since you get so tired of doing it. The data is transferred to a hand unit by NFC, very handy!

Below is a curve from a day this week, an incredibly nice line of stable and low blood glucose levels! At 12 o’clock I had my lunch which is not even noticeable in the curve, thank you low carb.

What happened during the evening? Christmas party with my colleagues! I underestimated the amount of bolus insulin needed because the food was said to be free of sugar, grains and all that and I couldn’t see any visible carbs so I assumed I wouldn’t need much insulin since I also had some glasses of wine. But clearly there must have been some type of sugar in the food… Well, it was tasty at least.


To have this continuous glucose meter as a helping hand is the best thing that have happened since I got this terrible disease. Knowledge is power!




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