Affordable gammon

A heavy piece of gammon in the middle of January? Probably more common as Christmas ham. But if you don’t want to spend unnecessary money, it’s a really bad idea to buy this before Christmas when it is very expensive. As soon as Christmas is over, it’s possible to get them almost for free!

4 kg piece of gammon cooked in the oven.

This one of almost 4 kg(!) we managed to get for 1/7 of the original price. There is nothing wrong with the meat, we still only buy meat that is certified organic.

Slices of gammon with carrots and red cabbage salad.

The first pieces of the cooked ham we had together with a red cabbage salad with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, some apple and mustard and oven roasted carrots with a large click of butter on top.

The gammon was cooked in the Schlemmertopf.

It’s very simple to cook the ham. We used the Schlemmertopf to make sure it wouldn’t become dry and had it in the oven at 175°C until a inner temperature of 75°C.

The normal thing to do is to remove the skin/fat layer from the top before serving but that is so ridiculous and makes me angry. It shouldn’t be thrown away because it contains essential fatty acids and especially collagen, which is very healthy to us!

A nice piece of gammon.

We surely need to enjoy this piece of gammon for some time. It is slightly different to the uncured meat we usually have since it is salted and also have some sugar and preservatives added. Just a very small amount though, which probably won’t affect us.

The funny thing is that we couldn’t resist to buy another one the day after, pre-cooked though, for 1/14 of the original price. Gammonified!

Happy ham,

Cecilia & Magnus


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