Bell pepper salad

We got like 2 kg of wonderful red bell peppers with a vegetable delivery a while ago. Organically grown of course, hopefully loaded with vitamins and fibers. The color or taste indicated that at least! Lately we have started to focus more on getting enough quality fibers in our daily meals to serve all the gut bacterias, I’ll come back to that in another post.

I looked for some inspiration of what to pair with the bell pepper and found out that the combination of dill and red onion would be really nice. It turned out fantastic, find the recipe below and make one yourself!

Saturday lunch with raw bell pepper salad.

Bell pepper w. dill salad

Ingredients used:

  • Red bell peppers
  • Red onion
  • Artichokes
  • Dill, dried or fresh
  • Salt & pepper
  • White wine vinegar
  • Olive oil
Ingredients used in bell pepper salad with dill, onion and artichokes.

How to:

Chop all the vegetables in suitable sizes. Add in a bowl and add salt, pepper and dill. Sprinkle some white vinegar on top and cover with olive oil. For best result, let it rest for a couple of hours before eating to let the vinegar soften the onion and blend all the flavors nicely.

Lovely color of the raw bell pepper salad.

I cheated slightly on the resting part though, but it was delicious anyway! The artichokes gives such a nice earthy flavor to the more sour onion and fresh bell pepper.

For this Saturday lunch a while ago we had the salad together with a spinach and tomato frittata topped with pecorino cheese and some fried mushrooms and saurkraut. A satisfying weekend lunch.

Happy paleo,

Cecilia & Magnus


Mustard lamb shoulder stew in Wonderbag

The past few weeks we have enjoyed some really well-tasting stews and soups made in the Wonderbag. In this post I will share a recipe of a stew made on lamb shoulder, mustard and turnip. It turned out great! Here we go.


The ingredients for the mustard lamb stew

  • A few slices of lamb shoulder
  • One medium-sized turnip
  • Two brown onions
  • Three cloves of garlic
  • 1 tbsp mustard powder
  • 10-20 black peppercorns
  • 1 tbsp rosemary
  • Water to fill the saucepan

Start with browning the lamb in a frying pan. Use richly with butter to get some extra nice taste and when flipping them sprinkle with some of the rosemary to allow the meat to absorb it whilst recovering from the heat. While waiting for the lamb to get a nice colour, chop the turnip and peel and chop the brown onions and split the garlic cloves. Add all of the ingredients together in a large saucepan, add the spices and fill up with water until it covers all of the ingredients. Let boil for about 30 minutes.

Giving the slices of lamb shoulder that nice colour in our cast iron pan.

Once the stew has boiled for about 30 minutes it is time to put it in the Wonderbag. Make sure that the stew is boiling nicely, then quickly place it in the Wonderbag and close it up.

Now, letting the Wonderbag do the work.

The stew should rest for at least five hours, the longer the better!

As a side we roasted the French delicacy pumpkin in the oven.

The side of the day was the French Delicacy pumpkin, the large one beneath the elliptical one.

We also had some leftover red cabbage salad that we had together with the stew and the pumpkin. Topping it all with some feta cheese.

Dinner with Wonderbag-made lamb stew.

We enjoy the Wonderbag more and more for each time we use it. Given some planning it is a really relaxing way of cooking food. During the weekends it is so much more enjoyable to prepare dinner before lunch and let it rest until the evening rather than having to stay in the kitchen cooking for an hour before being able to eat. Ideally we should also use it to make dinner during the weekdays, but we have only managed to do that once so far. It is a slightly long preparation time, that is kind of difficult to squeeze in into the morning schedule, but given some planning (always planning) and preparation the evening before it should definitely be a feasible thing to fit into an average day.

Hope you enjoyed the recipe and please let us know how it turned out for you!

Cecilia & Magnus

Curry butternut squash soup

Creamy soups are so satisfying, especially now when its colder and dark in the evenings. This is another variant of a butternut squash soup, a slightly better one then the last one we did, I have to say. The difference is that the squash, onion and all nice spices are roasted in the oven before going into the pot.


Curry butternut squash soup

Ingredients needed:

  • 1 butternut squash
  • Brown onions
  • Garlic
  • Nutmeg
  • Chiliflakes
  • Ginger powder
  • Turmeric
  • Curry
  • Thyme
  • Coconut oil
  • ~3 cans coconut cream/milk
  • ~3 dl bone broth
  • Salt & pepper


How to:

  1. Dice the butternut squash and place in a baking tray. Top with sliced onion and all the seasoning. Sprinkle an even layer over the whole tray and pour over coconut oil before placing in the oven at 250°C for about 25 minutes.
  2. In a pot, heat up coconut cream and bone broth.
  3. Add the squash into the pot when it has become soft.
  4. Mix the soup into your desired texture.

IMG_3877 IMG_3876

To get some protein to the meal we did some meatballs that went into the oven at the same time as the squash. Time and energy effectiveness!


The soup served topped with meatballs, rosemary and olive oil. The richness of the butternut squash together with the curry and chili seasoning is so nice! You need to try this soup!


Happy soup making,

Cecilia & Magnus

Boeuf tartare w. elderflower capers

Boeuf tartare is definitely one of our top ten dishes. Not only is it such a wonderful dish in terms of textures and tastes, but it is also quite easy to modify and get an almost completely new dish, only by changing a single ingredient. One other thing is that the dish really highlights the best of the food and brings out the natural flavours of each ingredient. This makes it crucial to have great ingredients from good sources to have the possibility to really enjoy the dish.

Dinner with boeuf tartare with elderflower capers and oven vegetables.


This time we had organic minced meat from Gröna Gårdar, which is a cooperative of farms from around Gothenburg with only organic and grass-fed meat. The other ingredients were chopped brown onion, dijon mustard, a raw egg yolk and elderflower capers (!). The elderflower capers we picked up during our visit to the Street market in Gothenburg the other weekend. They were really wonderful to taste, small capers with a hint of elderflower even though it was really elderflower berries rather than capers.

The side ingredients for the boeuf tartare.

On top of that our black home grown tomatoes have finally been ready for harvest. We found two that were not half green and half black, not too bad. We have been afraid that non of the tomatoes would be ready before the winter, but we were happy to have that fear cleared out of the way. They tasted really nice as well. A huge plus!

Two of our home grown black tomatoes.

Together with the boeuf tartare we also had a small green salad and some oven roasted turnip and carrots.

Elderflower capers. An interesting substitute to regular capers which really increased the experience of the dinner.

For the first time in a while we also enjoyed a glass of red wine to the dinner. The Argentinian Cabernet Sauvignon went really well with the meat and the capers. Smooth with strong hints of plum, chocolate and red berries as well as some hints of licorice. Light but deep taste which lingered semi-long.

Enjoying a glass of red to the boeuf tartare.

Happy dinner,

Cecilia & Magnus

Meat loaf with onion and garlic

Minced meat is something that we have not had too much of lately, but it is really a wonderful way of eating meat. So many possibilities. Meat loaf for example.

Meat loaf and Hokkaido pumpkin straight out of the oven.

The other day we made a really simple meat loaf. 800 grams of beet minced meat mixed with two chopped onions and one clove of garlic and seasoned with some black pepper.

The meat loaf ingredients.

The ingredients were mixed and the mixture was formed into a meat loaf and placed on a bed of cabbage.

The meat loaf on a bed of cabbage.

On top of the meat loaf we placed some sliced onion and seasoned again with some more black pepper and a branch of fresh rosemary.

Topped with onion slices.

To go with the meat loaf and cabbage we made a batch of hokkaido pumpkin. We only have one oven, but when cooking things on low temperatures for longer than an hour it is usually not a problem mixing things that we would otherwise have cooked at completely different temperatures.

Ovenware filled with pumpkin.

The pumpkin we seasoned with pepper and rosemary.

Hokkaido pumpkin seasoned with rosemary and black pepper.

The meat loaf we placed in the middle of the oven, whereas the pumpkin got to sit at the bottom. Not ideal, but we have to get another grid before we can do any better.

Finally done!

Both the meat loaf and the pumpkin were left in the oven for about 1 hour and 20 minutes at 140 °C, which rendered the meat loaf just slightly too dry. That might possibly have been from having it rest on top of the cabbage rather than the other way around. Some room for improvement in any case…

Ready for dinner.

It was very tasty in any way and it served to remind us of all the nice and tasty things one can do with minced meat. Don’t forget to add some butter or some other fat of your choosing when serving.

Happy dinner,

Cecilia & Magnus

Slow cooked wine chuck steak

It’s been a lot of slow cooking lately and here is another one. Chuck steak with ginger, garlic, onion and pepper in red wine and coconut milk. Since we had leftovers in the fridge we actually did not wait for the steak to get ready for dinner, but we had it for lunch today instead.

Lunch with chuck steak and steamed vegetables.

First we put the chuck steak in the Schlemmertopf and seasoned with garlic, onion, ginger and pepper. Before putting it in the oven at 140 °C we poured two deciliters of coconut milk and about as much red wine on top of the steak.

The seasoned chuck steak.

After three hours in the oven we took it out. It could easily have been left for another few hours, but even though we plan ahead we don’t have unlimited time…

The steak straight out from the oven.

For the lunch today we complemented the steak with steaming some carrots and white beets. Together with the steak and vegetables we had a small green salad.

Simple lunch with the premade chuck steak.

Happy slow cooking,

Cecilia & Magnus

Meatloaf and cauliflower purée

A few days ago we made a simple dinner of meatloaf and cauliflower purée. Also served with some simple tomato salsa.

Easy made dinner.

The purée was made of one cauliflower head cooked in some homemade bone broth. Salt and pepper were added and when soft enough it was all mixed to a purée.

Simple meatloaf

  • Minced meat
  • Brown onion
  • Fresh rosemary
  • Egg

Chop the onion and mix all ingredients together. Use any kind of ovenware and form the mixture into a loaf.

Ingredients in the meatloaf.

We added the hauls from the cauliflower along the edges of the ovenware as well.

Before the oven.
After the oven.

Tasty dinner!

Cecilia & Magnus