Bell pepper salad

We got like 2 kg of wonderful red bell peppers with a vegetable delivery a while ago. Organically grown of course, hopefully loaded with vitamins and fibers. The color or taste indicated that at least! Lately we have started to focus more on getting enough quality fibers in our daily meals to serve all the gut bacterias, I’ll come back to that in another post.

I looked for some inspiration of what to pair with the bell pepper and found out that the combination of dill and red onion would be really nice. It turned out fantastic, find the recipe below and make one yourself!

Saturday lunch with raw bell pepper salad.

Bell pepper w. dill salad

Ingredients used:

  • Red bell peppers
  • Red onion
  • Artichokes
  • Dill, dried or fresh
  • Salt & pepper
  • White wine vinegar
  • Olive oil
Ingredients used in bell pepper salad with dill, onion and artichokes.

How to:

Chop all the vegetables in suitable sizes. Add in a bowl and add salt, pepper and dill. Sprinkle some white vinegar on top and cover with olive oil. For best result, let it rest for a couple of hours before eating to let the vinegar soften the onion and blend all the flavors nicely.

Lovely color of the raw bell pepper salad.

I cheated slightly on the resting part though, but it was delicious anyway! The artichokes gives such a nice earthy flavor to the more sour onion and fresh bell pepper.

For this Saturday lunch a while ago we had the salad together with a spinach and tomato frittata topped with pecorino cheese and some fried mushrooms and saurkraut. A satisfying weekend lunch.

Happy paleo,

Cecilia & Magnus


Fritata and salad topped w. Pecorino cheese

It wasn’t too long ago that we made fritata (as we were informed is the proper name, rather than omelette), but after getting a new delivery from Årstiderna with Pecorino cheese and olive oil it was time again anyways.

Fritata w. tomatoes topped with Pecorino cheese.

We made a really simple one this time. Just the eggs, water and grate cheese, mix it and pour it into the cast iron pan and then placed thin slices of tomato on top. To get the fritata well done without burning it we use to cover the pan with a lid.

The simple ingredients for the fritata. Eggs, tomatoes, pepper and cheese for topping. The eggs were of course mixed with some water before ending up in the pan.

For the last few minutes we put the grated cheese on top of the fritata and returned it to the stove with the lid on.

The final, good-looking result.

We had also go a fresh delivery of vegetables and avocado from Årstiderna this same day, so we enjoyed the fritata with fresh vegetables. Both the bell pepper, cucumber and the tomatoes were some of the freshest vegetables I have ever tasted, even compared to the farmers’ market vegetables that we got during our year in Dublin. The vegetables were amazingly crispy and so filled with flavours. It is definitely not the last time we buy vegetables from Årstiderna simply because of that reason. It was obvious that they had not stored the vegetables for a week in a distribution center before sending them us. They were maybe not freshly harvested, but close enough. Not even our groceries from FRAM are as fresh as these.

A perfect simple dinner plate. Fresh salad with pecorino topped fritata.

I also want to take the opportunity to brag a bit about the fritata, it was by far the best one I have ever accomplished. Perfect texture all throughout without being burnt or getting stuck in the bottom of the pan. Wonder if that will ever happen again…

Happy cooking,

Cecilia & Magnus

Grilled mustard chicken w. veggies and pomegranate salad

Recently we have had chicken quite often and that together with the wild duck that we had almost makes it feel like we have bird every week now. That is not strictly true, but we have definitely had chicken a lot more the past month than during the rest of the autumn. Here comes another take on whole grilled chicken.

Chicken seasoned with mustard, black pepper, oregano and freshly grated ginger.

We glazed the chicken in Dijon mustard and seasoned with oregano, black pepper and fresh ginger. And into the oven roasting at 170 °C for two and a half-three hours.

The final result. The mustard got nicely caramelised and really added a beautiful colour to the chicken skin.

To go with the mustard glazed chicken we steamed carrots and celeriac and served with a small green salad with pomegranate seeds.

The dinner with each of us enjoying a whole chicken leg.

When cooking a whole chicken we tend to go for the chicken legs for the first meal. They are just the best ratio of skin to meat and often much more tender than many of the other parts. All in all we were really happy with the mustard glazing as well as the seasoning. Definitely not the last time we use mustard and chicken in the same dish!

Happy paleo,

Cecilia & Magnus

Kale, cauliflower and pomegranate salad

Now you might feel that we have had a bit too much of the pomegranate variations, but we would not agree with that. It is a superb fruit and blending it with different kinds of vegetables can only turn out well!

The recipe this time is of a kale and cauliflower salad with pomegranate and feta cheese. A both beautiful and tasty mix.

The beautiful ingredients for the salad.

What you need:

  • 200 g kale
  • A whole head of cauliflower
  • 1 pomegranate
  • 100 g feta cheese
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper

Start by separating the haulm and the head from the cauliflower. However, make sure to save the haulm, it is really tasty after being fried, so no need to throw that away. Divide the cauliflower head into smaller bunches and add to an oven ramekin. After seasoning with salt and pepper and topping with coconut oil place it in the oven at just under 200 °C for 40 minutes.

Next, chop or rip the kale apart into smaller pieces and put in a bowl. Pick out the seeds from the pomegranate.

We made some really nice meat patties to go with the salad. As we have said before we prefer to just form the patties directly from the minced meat rather than adding spices, eggs or other things that supposedly should keep the patties together. In our opinion the patties stick together the best when not mixed with other ingredients.

Kale, cauliflower and pomegranate salad with feta cheese and meat patties.

This dish might possibly be something that would be better suited for the summer months rather than the winter. The salad had a really fresh and light feel to it much in contrast to the stews and soups that one associate with winter. But, there is also never a bad time for good food, so in addition to adding the combination of ingredients to a list of todos for next summer we really enjoyed the dinner, despite the cold outside.

Happy paleo,

Cecilia & Magnus


White turnip burgers w. Hokkaido pumpkin

This dinner we enjoyed oven roasted Hokkaido pumpkin with burgers in slices of white turnips. Something that we have not tried before but that turned our quite well actually.

The pumpkin straight out of the oven.

White turnips are something that we don’t find very often at FRAM nor is it something that we are used to having, but we do definitely enjoy the change and the taste of them don’t leave much more to ask for.

The beautiful veggies.

Combining the white turnips with minced meat resulted in the idea of making oven roasted burgers with sliced white turnip instead of bun. A slightly different way of using the two ingredients.

The “burgers” ready for the oven.

Since we (still…) only have one oven we had to select a suitable temperature such that both the burgers and the hokkaido were cooked nicely. In the end we went with a temperature of 170 °C where we put the pumpkin into the oven about five minutes after the burgers. In total they were left there for not quite 40 minutes.

The pumpkin ready for the oven.

We have really started to get tired of the pumpkin seeds, so we actually just remove them… In the beginning we kept them and tried to eat them as a side by themselves, but they are just not very tasty and they also tend to get stuck in between the teeth, so unfortunately they have been added to the small set of food stuff that we don’t eat from the groceries we buy, together with for example carrot haulm, if we ever would by carrots in bunches.

Removing the seeds opened up for other ways of plating.

Both the pumpkin and the burgers were seasoned with pepper and salt before entering the oven.

The final burgers.

Together with the pumpkin and the white turnip burgers we had a small green salad with some feta cheese. Simple, but really tasty. Don’t forget to add a click of butter!

Final dinner plate.

Enjoy dinner,

Cecilia & Magnus

Lamb skewers

A lot of lamb lately. This minced meat we picked up from the supermarket. It is one of the really nice pieces of meat that they supply. Swedish organic minced lamb’s meat.

Lamb skewers when ready from the oven.

First I mixed the meat with some nice spices, rosemary, cumin, pepper, chill powder and salt. The I formed flat ovals and put two of those on each skewer.

The lamb skewers ready for the oven.

The skewers were left to cook in the oven at 170 °C for 40 minutes. Finally I had the finished skewers with steamed beets and carrots as well as some lettuce together with a glass of kombucha.

Simple and tasty dinner.

Adding a click of butter on top of the steamed vegetables and sprinkling the lettuce with olive oil made the final touch.

Love food,

Cecilia & Magnus

Garden carrots and roast beef

A post about one of the few lunches we have been able to eat outside this summer. Other days it has just been too cold or too windy.

Summer lunch!

We found some grass-fed roast beef on short date in the supermarket that we decided would be perfect at the grill.

Carrots from the kitchen garden.

And look what we found in the kitchen garden! Really crisp and fresh carrots. We did remove most of the dirt but made sure some of it was left to get some nice bacteria and dirt from eating them. If you know where the veggies are from that should be a good idea. A easy way of improving your gut health.

Grass-fed roast beef.

The good looking roast beef was seasoned with sea salt, pepper and fresh thyme.

Broccoli ready for the oven.

Apart from the carrots, green salad and some grilled small tomatoes some broccoli was roasted in the oven with coconut oil and fresh rosemary and thyme. Note that the coconut oil is not liquid since we seldom have temperatures above 23°C. Yet another proof of the meager summer we have had here in Sweden this year…

Lunch is served.

A pretty good summer lunch that kept us going the rest of the day, topped with some grated lemon zest to add some extra acidity. Some butter and olive oil was added as well to make sure we got a sufficient amount of fat to last the day.

Happy lunch,

Cecilia & Magnus